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Vorlage:Str – Module for support of the Vorlage:Str …… family, and do their entire work.

The collection is taken from the subset used in German Wikipedia in 2010.

Functions for templates[Quelltext bearbeiten]

As with the template implementation of 2006–2011, all string parameters will be trimmed (unregarded that all are unnamed).

  • All parameters mentioned here are referring to the template transclusion, not #invoke call.
  • #invoke is to be called without any parameter.
Used to remove the right-most {2} characters of a string {1}.
en:Template:Str crop
  1. A string
  2. A length; 1 if omitted
Throws error if {2} < 0
Returns string; remaining starting characters, if any.
Position of first appearance of {2} in {1}.
en:Template:Str find
  1. A base_string
  2. A sub_string
Returns string; -1 if sub_string not found
Character position is 1 based (not 0 based as usual in calculations).
Returns the {2}-th character of trimmed text {1}.
en:Template:Str index
  1. A string
  2. A position, counted from 1 in string
Throws error if {2} < 0 or {2} out of {1}
Gives the {2}-length substring of characters from the start of the trimmed string {1}.
en:Template:Str left
  1. A string
  2. A length; if omitted, 1 is used
Return the left {2} characters of {1}.
If {2} is invalid, empty or zero, an empty string is returned.
Returns length of string (excluding spaces at the start and end).
en:Template:Str len
  1. A string
≥ len
Conditional answer depending on string {1} length wrt {2}.
en:Template:Str ≥ len – internally: ge_len()
  1. A string
  2. A length
  3. Data to return/render when “longer than or equally long”.
  4. Data to return/render when “shorter than”.
Throws error if {1} undefined or invalid.
Returns string; either {3} or {4}.
Gives the characters from {2} to the end of the string {1}.
en:Template:Str right
  1. A string
  2. An offset
    A negative offset is treated the same as zero, which simply returns the original string.
Substring of string {1} starting at {2} and containing {3} chars.
en:Template:Str sub old
  1. A string
  2. An offset
    Base 0: the first character is numbered 0, and so on.
  3. A length

Test page[Quelltext bearbeiten]


Functions for Lua modules (API)[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Interface to unit tests.
  1. action
    string with function name
  2. args
    table; simulated template parameter list
Return string; like the legacy templates

Usage[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Nowhere than by Vorlage:Str …… templates.

Dependencies[Quelltext bearbeiten]